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Summary (part 1)

This blog entitled: “Har-Magedon, an improvement of Power, Belief, and Freedom, and the War against Beast”, focuses on understanding of phenomenon of Jesus as well as on understanding of His impact on the history of 2000 last years. It is also an attempt to establish where we are and where we are making our way. I hope that my searches and reflections will be helpful for own investigations of reader. I express also my conviction that this blog, continuing the efforts of previous generations, will begin new epoch of End Times - end of our slavery. It is my specific "bow” towards devils' side (fallen Gods) in order to help them. An admonition and an alert are given for devils that already soon, leaved by one's "God", will be knocked to the Earth - so they start their imagination and realized that the hell build on the Earth at present they build for themselves.

Being behind of "Venetian mirror”, cornered through ubiquitous Satan's synagogue, through the entire life we are unaware of one's situation. Synagogue shapes us into image and likeness of “God”-Devil. The achievement critical level of "energy of activation” is the manageable point in perception of "this world”. Not all are successful to exceed this level. Therefore, it is important to light with one's lamp the road to others wading also in darkness, to such extent as it is possible.

Comparing four gospels we can to find some "splits" of Jesus. The Last Supper is the most clear example here. Taking the Sabbath and the Passover as point of reference, analysis of four gospels leads to absurd conclusion that Jesus set up the sacrament of Eucharist after Resurrection and he became again crucified then. This surprisingly mysterious element of biblical record seems to be not to decoding without help of prophecy contained in the Apocalypse (The Book of Revelation).

According to the Apocalypse, the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. If we don't reject the Apocalypse, we should accept the superiority of the Apocalypse over all gospels. Reading out the Apocalypse to inward and on the reverse, apocalyptic Beast (inward) is a Lamb (Son of God) at the same time on the reverse. It is happening this way therefore, since the Lamb is marking the lost item for devils, for another is rescuing. In long-term perspective, Lamb-Beast is deliverance for devils as well. From among biblical figures probably Moses, David and Elias were apocalyptic Lambs. Word left by them limited to setting for “God" childish, "naive” questions. Moment of appearing of the second Beast (false prophet) seems to be elusive in their case, and therefore it isn't sure whether some of them were successful to Win. The evident apocalyptic Lamb-Beast is Jesus, who by few (skipping numerous synagogue) was recognized in his lifetime, and who left the most spacious Word for us.

Opening apocalyptic seals means the recognition of causes the surrounding us Evil. Three first seals means eternal and discernible on the Earth of the plagues: a) power (politics, violence); b) religions (people and crowds); c) legislation (the oil and the wine mean secular and clerical dignitaries). These plagues are being supported at present by croaking apocalyptic frogs: economy, media (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet), science and technology. The fourth seal means devils (wild beasts) that overpowered all plagues exchanged above. Fifth seal tells that system exacting justice causes the accumulation of evil in this world, and is favourable to generating more and more evil. The sixth seal means that "Lord of this world” ("God”-Devil), having power over all plagues, is the First Cause of every evil on the Earth and in "heavens".

The most essential message of this blog is propagating the special type of "faiths", which is resulting from St John’s Gospel and from the Apocalypse, and which may be named as "spiritual atheism". This "belief” is telling that a Spirit (Ghost) state the Nature (Essence) of man, and Spirit of higher order doesn't exist. Everyone is making the independent being alone in himself. You aren't a part of the God; you are a God alone in yourself. Independent, self-reliant, separate! It means rejection all religious practices. This “atheism” differs dramatically from materialistic philosophy propagated at present that we are mortal Gods.

A lot of biblical and non-biblical records are pointing out that "Lord of this world” is having control of our body ruthlessly. He is having control of our soul almost completely too. The fact that our soul isn't able oneself "to find" is speaking for it. It looks this way, that all "receptors" of our soul were switched on receipt "zero-one" stimuli from the physical world, characteristic of the neural conduction. Generalizing, "Lord of this world" is turning on/off, as well as he is stimulating definite "receptors". Sexual feeling seems to play the special role in this manipulation. I am convinced that our sexuality was imposed (grafted) upon us on the principle of the training, like at dogs of Pawłow. Seeking purposes and benefits, which our compatriots can get from mutual coexisting, apart from pleasure "Rules", a sexual exploitation is coming to the fore. Men are victims of the sexual violence and the sexual parasitism. Women are the most numerous Beasts on the Earth, and their PICTURE (image) has also equally numerous worshippers.

From above it is resulting that we are killed Gods, and "Lord of this world" downgraded "one's" surrendered to monkey's-shapely beings. Your temple (i.e. the body given to you) was defiled with every abomination. The film "Matrix" is reflecting our situation enough well. It is possible that closer reality "model” offers so-called KDG (Concept of Dipolar Gravity) propagated by "discoverer” of Totalizm "Professor” Jan Pająk. One should consider this idea immediately of seeing propaganda businesses of "God”-Devil and to approach all concepts of this Concept critically. Building the new political and religious order is an undisguised aim of the Totalizm. In my opinion, KDG is not describing the God, but "world" created by "God”-Devil. Elements of KDG are accessible on the side:

There is repeating motive in the Bible of "people leaved by God". This “abandonment” one should read out inwards as well as on the reverse. Repeating cycles "from Covenant to Covenant” means that large group of resurrected Gods (see fifth seal) are leaving this world. Since "God”-Devil is "guarantor" of justices in "this world", on exit they demand to immediate enforcing the punishment for theirs harms. In other words, knocked devils are abandoned by their God, who tolerated (accepted) their actions so far. From second side, God-Lamb together with saints is leaving "this world”. Apocalyptic "woe, woe” marks people (hitherto devils) double leaved by God. It is possible that Adam and Eve were first devils knocked (cast down) to the Earth by first God-Lamb, who Name we don't know.

The Apocalypse is telling that the second death won't certainly do damage to the Winner (Rev 2:11; also look Rev 20:6; Rev 20:14; Rev 21:8). What is the first death? I think, that the first death, at the same time the special crime, there is a reincarnation (incarnation) with cleaned memory - "and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed" (Rev 13:15). Opening the seventh seal marks abandonment of “this world” by God-Lamb together with saint that were repented (look 5th seal and seven Church). The Lamb is an exceptional Thief, who only is opening (Rev 3:8; Rev 3:20; Rev 4:1; Rev 5:1n; Rev 19:11); and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice (Jn 10:4). In the end, children are leaving their "Father" who earlier left "one's" children. The symbolic significance has words expressed by Jesus (second Beast) on the cross: Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? (Mt 27:46; Mr 15:34).

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